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The philosophy of our law firm is that every client is a real person, with real problems, needs and concerns. We offer free initial consultations to make sure that every concern is answered and every legal need is met.

Therefore, the specific and personal needs of each individual client will dictate which course of action to take, whether in bankruptcy or in a personal injury case.

The most effective attorney considers each client’s individual concerns and involves each client in the legal process. A good attorney gets the “job done”. A great attorney is there for the client each step of the way, listening, explaining and working together with the client on getting the “job done”. We have the expertise, the knowledge, and persistence to advise you on the best legal action for your case, and will not hesitate to take your case through litigation, if that is what it takes to best serve your rights.

We give each client the individual attention they deserve. We are here to answer your questions at all times. This might be a difficult time for you, financially, as well as mentally, and we are here to help. We value interaction, as well as long-term relationships with our clients. We will be here well after your case comes to a close, to listen, advise, and give you direction.

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What Our Clients Say:

"Galina Karpel has made my hard times much easier. She explained all of my options clearly and we now have a game plan. Thank you so much for the wonderful help!"


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